Solidity function:

function abc(address x, address y, address z) external payable returns (uint256 x) {
    // something

In web3.py (python), I have called it successfully after deploying using following code:


data is created by combining the addresses appropriately.

I tried the following in truffle:

ex = await Example.deployed()
ex.abc('0x...', '0x...', '0x...').call({'from':'0x...', 'to':'0x...', 'value':1*10**18,'gas':200000, 'gasPrice':20})

I'm getting error: Uncaught TypeError: ex.abc(...).call is not a function

But when I run ex.abc, I get below output:

[Function (anonymous)] {
  call: [Function (anonymous)],
  sendTransaction: [Function (anonymous)],
  estimateGas: [Function (anonymous)],
  request: [Function (anonymous)]

So, how do I call this function in truffle?

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ex.abc().call() requires ex.abc() to return a function which isn't the case. It should be ex.abc.call(parameters, {'from':...}).

Working code:

ex.abc.call('0x...', '0x...', '0x...', {'from':'0x...', 'to':'0x...', 'value':1*10**18,'gas':200000, 'gasPrice':20})

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