I deployed an NFT-smart-contract ("0xeC490239A5FD733005a84c88C988f04E2A5D4AE1") on Goerli Network and minted an ERC721 token by the command below (tx hash x06ad1421d0a4cac645940f8f1f3f513cc90b30cd51a41832590fed45e894b802).

With Etherscan, I can see my image url in the input data field as a string but not as an image. https://goerli.etherscan.io/tx/0x06ad1421d0a4cac645940f8f1f3f513cc90b30cd51a41832590fed45e894b802 https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmafQXEmkT6bfRDvDvoicb9aJrhMQ84rxYE4UFtryddPQF

But Etherscan does not automatically show the images to visitors. Do you know any nice website which shows images by default for Ethereum Goerli network? Thank you.


abi = [...]

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looksrare has a marketplace for goerli, you can try this link: https://goerli.looksrare.org/

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