This block was finalized 21 mins ago from now and there is one exactly like this waiting to get finalized Here is the link of that. Both of them had 0 transaction, 0 block reward, 0 extra data, 0 gas burned and a 0x0000000000000000 nounce. I have 2 question.

  1. Is this block only for decreasing the base fee percentage?
  2. If it is for reducing base fee for UX why miners are doing this? idk What is this?

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Not my answer! But since this was asked 4 days ago and I was curious too about this, here's what I found.

Miners mine empty blocks during the time it takes them to download new transactions, which is circa 100ms. If they happen to find a valid block during that time, they broadcast it to the network, collecting base reward.

They won't get transactions fees but will still get a block reward.

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  • That kinda made sense for PoW consensus where you are competing with other miners. It shouldn't be the case for PoS where the blocks are generated every 12 seconds... I thought.
    – Ismael
    6 mins ago

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