My current understanding is when we want to get Dai to USDC liquidity, we pass the addresses like so

UniswapV3Factory.getPool(Dai_address, USDC_address, poolFee);

But How should we get ETH to DAI liquidity pool?

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Tokens pairs are between two ERC20 and the ETH is not an ERC20 token instead it is native currency to the ethereum blockchain.

After UNISWAP V2, uniswap added WETH(wrapper ether).

You can think of Wrapper ether as ERC20 varient of ether.

Every WETH is backed by one normal ETH.

enter image description here

Look at the image above, I have created DAI/ETH token pair but in the dynamic nft the pair is DAI/WETH.

Everytime you create a pair with ETH, there will be an internal swap between ETH and WETH.

Here's the transaction.

And you can read more about WETH here.

So to get ETH/DAI liquidity pool, you need to use WETH address.

UniswapV3Factory.getPool(Dai_address, WETH_address, poolFee);

Here's WETH address in ethereum.

Tell me if it helps!


Well that pair wouldnt be ETH->DAI, it would be WETH -> DAI instead.

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