I'm trying to deposit into AAVE v2 using hardhat.

My code is the following:

const hre = require('hardhat')


const contractAddress = '0x7d2768de32b0b80b7a3454c06bdac94a69ddc7a9'
const contract = await hre.ethers.getContractAt(AABI, contractAddress)


But I get the error:

contract.deposit is not a function hardhat-fork_1 | TypeError: contract.deposit is not a function

If I print the variable 'contract' I can see that something is retrieved by the blockchain but it does not contain the method.
Which is weird because I used the address specified here (LendingPool 0x7d2768de32b0b80b7a3454c06bdac94a69ddc7a9) and the ABI for the LendingPool address specified here.
I didn't put any file inside the hardhat contracts folder, should I?
My assumption is that since the contract is already on the chain I should be able to get it and use its methods.
Any idea on how I can achieve this?

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As mentioned in the documentation, you should retrieve the LendingPool address from the LendingPoolAddressesProvider smart contract: https://docs.aave.com/developers/v/2.0/the-core-protocol/addresses-provider

Here is an example in Solidity: https://github.com/pooltogether/aave-yield-source/blob/d8843c1dfb7327106d3b83af58fc6e4407fd949f/contracts/yield-source/ATokenYieldSource.sol#L300

It should be fairly similar in JavaScript.

Also, the deposit function requires 4 parameters, so it may be why if fails to call it in your example. https://docs.aave.com/developers/v/2.0/the-core-protocol/lendingpool#deposit


The error is that I used the ABI provided in the etherscan page which was the ABI of the proxy and not the LendingPool one. I had to use the ABI provided in the AAVE doc instead.

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