When I retrieve an item object from the item array, the remix compiler doesn't show me one of the attributes of the item object, which is an array of a struct. This is the code, assume that the globalFarmers array has some data stored in it.

pragma solidity >=0.5.0 <0.6.0;
import "./farm.sol";
import "./manufacturer.sol";
contract Test is Farm, Manufacturer{

struct Item {

Farmer[] farmers;

string manufacturerName;
string manufacturerDate;

string distributorDate;
string distributorName;

Farmer [] public globalFarmers;
Item[] public items;

This is the only function that can add data for now.

function addManufacturerData(uint[] memory _farmerIds, string memory _name,
 string memory _date) public {

     Item storage tempItem = items[items.length-1];
     for(uint i = 0 ; i<_farmerIds.length; i++){

     tempItem.manufacturerName = _name;
     tempItem.manufacturerDate = _date;


The code compiles fine and here is the output when I fetch the item object from its array.

Remix response on retrieving the item from its array

Why the Farmer array is missing in the response?

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Solidity does not know how to encode structs while returning them from a function by default.

Try adding:

pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;

Take a look at this example:


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