How can I get current gas price? I want to calculate the gas fee per transaction. I need to multiply Gas Price by _estimatedGas. I looked at the Gas price on https://bscscan.com/ it's 5 Gwei. Can I get this value through the code?

        var _estimatedGas = new HexBigInteger(new BigInteger(35000));
            _estimatedGas = func.EstimateGasAsync(
                new HexBigInteger(new BigInteger(_transactionValue)),
                new HexBigInteger(new BigInteger(_transactionValue)),

            taskManager.Logger($"_estimatedGas: {_estimatedGas} \n", 7);
        catch (Exception e)
            taskManager.Logger($"Error can't get GAS amount {e.Message} \n \n", 7);

        taskManager.Logger($"amountMin: {((BigInteger)amountMin-_estimatedGas)} _estimatedGas.Value: {_estimatedGas.Value} _transactionValue: {_transactionValue}. \n \n", 7);
        inputParameters[0] = new HexBigInteger((BigInteger)amountMin-_estimatedGas);

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Seems Nethereum doesn't have such function built-in. You'll have to get gasPrice from some API like EthGasStation


I was facing the same issue some time ago.

Before showing the code, keep in mind that:

Fee = GasPrice * Gas

The GasPrice is the same for all network parties. What changes per transaction is the amount of Gas. E.g.: Deploying a smart contract will probably demand much more Gas than sending Ether to another wallet/account.

According to the current Nethereum version, you can use the following:

Estimating Gas for sending Ether:

Account senderAccount = new(privateKey);
Web3 web3 = new(senderAccount, "https://infura.your-provider-here.com");

await web3.Eth.GetEtherTransferService().EstimateGasAsync(destinationAddress, etherAmount);

Getting GasPrice:

Account senderAccount = new(privateKey);
Web3 web3 = new(senderAccount, "https://infura.your-provider-here.com");

await web3.Eth.GasPrice.SendRequestAsync();

Also, you should know that to make sure your transaction will be mined and processed you can, for example, increase the Gas or GasPrice in a percentage.

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