I got this error below when trying to Deploy the contract on Remix:

creation of ERC20Basic errored: Error encoding arguments: Error: invalid BigNumber string (argument="value", value="", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=bignumber/5.5.0)

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

contract ERC20Basic {

    string public constant name = "ERC20Basic";
    string public constant symbol = "BSC";
    uint8 public constant decimals = 18;  

    event Approval(address indexed tokenOwner, address indexed spender, uint tokens);
    event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint tokens);

    mapping(address => uint256) balances;

    mapping(address => mapping (address => uint256)) allowed;
    uint256 totalSupply_;

    using SafeMath for uint256;

   constructor(uint256 total) public {  
    totalSupply_ = total;
    balances[msg.sender] = totalSupply_;

    function totalSupply() public view returns (uint256) {
    return totalSupply_;
    function balanceOf(address tokenOwner) public view returns (uint) {
        return balances[tokenOwner];

    function transfer(address receiver, uint numTokens) public returns (bool) {
        require(numTokens <= balances[msg.sender]);
        balances[msg.sender] = balances[msg.sender].sub(numTokens);
        balances[receiver] = balances[receiver].add(numTokens);
        emit Transfer(msg.sender, receiver, numTokens);
        return true;

    function approve(address delegate, uint numTokens) public returns (bool) {
        allowed[msg.sender][delegate] = numTokens;
        emit Approval(msg.sender, delegate, numTokens);
        return true;

    function allowance(address owner, address delegate) public view returns (uint) {
        return allowed[owner][delegate];

    function transferFrom(address owner, address buyer, uint numTokens) public returns (bool) {
        require(numTokens <= balances[owner]);    
        require(numTokens <= allowed[owner][msg.sender]);
        balances[owner] = balances[owner].sub(numTokens);
        allowed[owner][msg.sender] = allowed[owner][msg.sender].sub(numTokens);
        balances[buyer] = balances[buyer].add(numTokens);
        emit Transfer(owner, buyer, numTokens);
        return true;

library SafeMath { 
    function sub(uint256 a, uint256 b) internal pure returns (uint256) {
      assert(b <= a);
      return a - b;
    function add(uint256 a, uint256 b) internal pure returns (uint256) {
      uint256 c = a + b;
      assert(c >= a);
      return c;

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It seems like you didn't pass the param total to the constructor when you deploy the contract. enter image description here

And suggest that you use latest solidity version, it's already up to 0.8.16.


When deploying make sure you pass the total to the constructor when deploying.

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