I have a contract in which there is a function which has 16 arguments which is giving me stack too deep error. So I am thinking of passing a javascript object using web3 to the smart contract which I will destructure in the method. So here I have two questions:

  1. How to pass a javascript object using web3 to a smart contract?

  2. How to destructure the object in a smart contract with each field having its respective values?

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You can use solidity structs.

struct MyStruct {
   uint256 number1;
   address address1;
   // ...

contract MyContract {
    function foo(MyStruct memory data) public {
        uint256 num1 = data.number1;
        address addr1 = data.address1;
        // ...

Using web3js, you should be able to call the function like this:

contract.foo({number1: 123, address1: '0x...'}).send()

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