Recently I have been working on a class project. I have built a Supply chain Dapp, that was based on truffle framework and ganache as a local blockchain. I have some issues regarding the concepts of private Ethreum blockchain.

My question is, is it possible to build a real-world private Ethereum blockchain for a specific organization without any transaction fees and what other costs should I be aware of? And the second question is do I need to deploy my Dapp on Rinkeby?

I found some answers online but they were not satisfactory, it would be greatly appreciated and helpful if you could provide me with some directions on the subject, as I am relatively new to this. Thank you.

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Creating your own testnet would allow for a layer 2-like off-chain blockchain experience. You'd distribute access privileges to participants in the form of an RPC server log-in. Otherwise, build a dapp that interfaces with Rinkeby. Not sure if you could restrict other users, but who'd want to trespass anyway.


Yes, there are tools for it. Private blockchain networks likes of Hyperleger Besu or Quorum .

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