I've been working through my transaction history in Harmony (using Koinly to keep records - but a combination of Koinly API sync, Lila's Ledger and some manual extracts to reconstruct history). I'm finding that sometime around late February / early March the Harmony Staking call changed and I can no longer easily see how much was received.

They now look like this - is there a way for me to extract the amount of ONE received as part of calling CollectRewards(), because I can't see it on that page anywhere? https://explorer.harmony.one/tx/0x7d3bf31d457db6be0d0e727099cc40bbfc50e506dd9c67c6537e1a185ec2b89b?activeTab=0

  • I'm not sure, but it could be the Data value you see on the Logs page. There's only one event there, and the amount looks like it can be an amount of tokens in 18 decimals.
    – 0xSanson
    Aug 29 at 23:01


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