step1: I launch the Geth ➜ geth --datadir rinkeby --rinkeby --syncmode snap

step2: I request ether from goerli faucet from the site: https://fauceth.komputing.org/?address=0xe8fb264ce32e0160434b9987f8d0f99ed96e305d, it seem successful because no error prompt. enter image description here step3: I interact with Geth geth attach rinkeby/geth.ipc , when I excute web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance("0xe8fb264ce32e0160434b9987f8d0f99ed96e305d"), "ether"), it returns 0. console prints log ERROR[08-28|13:36:58.629] Expired request does not exist peer=84e07faffaf52840f2f2791c50535b13983b131e0951b23782360076238ad54d

***I expected to see balance transferred from faucet,Where did I go wrong?The problem also occurs in goerli ***

help pls.

  • Please consider to deploy own testnet on VM hosted by your own machine. Getting ether for existing testnets is painful process. Moving to own private testnet helps a lot to speed-up prototyping.
    – Gleichmut
    Commented Jan 20, 2023 at 13:16

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Even I was frustrated with the same issue for my DApp. The deployment time and the faucet. Also investing hours on debugging. I would suggest you to use BuildBear instead. Try reading this https://medium.com/buildbear/win-web3-hackathons-using-buildbear-testnets-analytics-e67656093f9d It will help you overcome the issue you’re facing

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    Commented Sep 14, 2022 at 10:56
  • @Pari Tomar, did you consider deploying private testnet on your own machine? I did this, but I also would like to know if you had a better experience with your solution if you had tried both.
    – Gleichmut
    Commented Jan 20, 2023 at 13:18

Hmm not sure your balance is showing as 0, but if you need it, a Goerli faucet is https://goerlifaucet.com. It's by Alchemy so it's reliable.

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