Why it doesn't work when I use...

$ yarn hardhat --verison 2.10.2
await expect(fundMeConnectedContract.withdraw()

but this worked

await expect(fundMeConnectedContract.withdraw()

Has the hardhat custom error handling changed since May this year..??


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the former is matching against the revert message.


.to.be.revertedWith("go away")

would work with this code

require(msg.sender == owner,"go away");

the latter is just matching against the custom error

    await expect(fundMeConnectedContract.withdraw()).to.be.revertedWithCustomError(fundMe, "FundMe__NotOwner")

Hey , buddy if you follow exactly the tutorial. try revertedWithCustomError and add fundMe, "FundMe__NotOwner".

Line explanation :

  • fundMe will be your deployed contract
  • FundMe__NotOwner the custom error from fundMe.sol

Do also check if you using single or double underscore for FundMe__NotOwner in fundMe.sol

I hope this would help if you still not found out the solution


I hope you got an Answer already, if not just try to delete the custom error passed to revertedWithCustomError and write it down yourself. I copie-pasted it and it could not recognise as defined custom-Error in the contract.

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