Hi I am using the demo contract provided by chainlink at https://docs.chain.link/docs/vrf/v2/examples/get-a-random-number/ . I did read the documentaion and followed the steps -

  • Created subscription and then deployed the contract with that subscriptionId
  • Funded the subscription with 0.5 LINK
  • Added the address of the deployed contract as consumer in my subscription

When I call the requestRandomWords the transaction goes through successfully and but when I try to get the requested random number by s_randomWords with index 0 remix show execution reverted.

enter image description here

I am working on mumbai testnet and I have sufficient test matic so that is not the issue, when I try on goerli it shows execution reverted.

Just s_randomWords is not working upon calling and requestRandomWords works with transaction successful showing on etherscan, I have worked with chainlink VRF before and have seen this error before, please help me resolve this issue, Thanks.

  • What do you mean by getting random number by s_randomWords with index 0? Isn't the fulfillRandomWords function the only way for the consumer contract to get the result random words? Aug 28, 2022 at 15:23

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Execution reverted because s_randomWords is an empty array since the fulfillment of the request hasn't been executed yet. You have a pending transaction due to a low balance. Pending requests will fail after 24 hours.

Currently, the maximum cost for a VRF request on Goerli is 2.0575084648217579 LINK, which means you're 1.5575084648217579 LINK low. You can see these details on the Subscription management page at vrf.chain.link/goerli/<YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID> (make sure your wallet is connected)

You should add more Goerli LINK to your subscription. You can grab them for free from faucets.chain.link.

  • Thanks, it was not clearly mentioned. Aug 30, 2022 at 4:16

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