Is there any way to tell what the callback address will be from a proof?

I want to monitor all fulfill request transactions in the pending pool which are being generated where the callback is a specific contract, so I need to somehow recover the callback contract from the proof in the transaction input.

  • Could you provide more details? Code examples, screenshots, etc. Your question is not that clear. Aug 27, 2022 at 0:52

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You can't get that info from the proof itself, this is what the proof looks like:

  struct Proof {
    uint256[2] pk;
    uint256[2] gamma;
    uint256 c;
    uint256 s;
    uint256 seed;
    address uWitness;
    uint256[2] cGammaWitness;
    uint256[2] sHashWitness;
    uint256 zInv;

You will need to create an off-chain script to monitor particular events from particular contracts to do this.

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