I am developing a module for a pre-existing safe. The safe is a recipient of a vesting contract. The module claims the eligible tokens, claims tokens from a staking contract and then re-stakes all the tokens in the safe.

I am using foundry for my tests, so I need to install the module in solidity as part of my test setup. I have searched stack exchange and GitHub for any examples of modules being installed into a live safe with no luck. Any pointers would be appreciated

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The ModuleManager.sol contract handles the admin actions regarding modules, like enable/disable modules, executing transactions via a module, checking if a module is enabled, etc.

These are the steps you need to follow to enable a module:

  1. Call the enableModule function. It has the modifier authorized so you need to call it by executing a transaction from your Safe.
  2. Optionally you can check if the module is already enabled by calling isModuleEnabled function.
  3. The module is ready to call the execTransactionFromModule function. Because now the module is enabled, this condition will pass.

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