Can anyone advise the character limits on ens sub domains? I a looking to know a min and max character limit (ens .eth addresses for example have to be at least 3 characters).

Am I able to have 1.domain.eth where I own domain.eth for example?

I've searched and am unable to find an answer. Thanks.

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There's no character limit for creating subdomains.

To create a new 'domain.eth' you must interact with ETHRegistrarController.sol, which has a check for valid names.

To create a new subdomain ("subnode"), you interact with a different contract, ENSRegistry.sol, which doesn't have any check (indeed you can pass directly the hash).

This is an example of 2 characters subdomain: me.etherbase.eth.

  • Thanks so much thats perfect. I'll upvote the answer once i hit the required 15 rep :)
    – PeteG
    Commented Aug 25, 2022 at 7:56

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