This option doesn't seem to be available on MyEtherWallet. Are constructors unsupported?


There would be two ways of doing that: - The most obvious is via their Contracts tab but that one is missing a field for constructor data. - The second one would be via a "normal transaction" in the Send Ether & Tokens tab. That one would need a (currently not existing) checkbox for indicating that you are deploying a contract. Such a "deploy contract" transaction does not have a to field and has a flag set that indicates this as a special "deploy contract" transaction. Therefore, in such cases the To Address would need to be removed.

So in summary I do not see that this is currently possible.

Now I'm being picky: Default constructors (without arguments) are supported. MyEtherWallet just doesnt support constructors that do take parameters.


I am not aware of any screens in MyEtherWallet that will allow a user to deploy contracts. The contracts tab in MEW allows you to interact with already deployed contracts.

If you want to deploy contracts, use geth, Ethereum Wallet or Parity. If you have issues with the large sync time required for geth, use Parity as the client node. You can then connect Remix (Browser Solidity) or Ethereum Wallet to your Parity node.

When deploying using geth, Ethereum Wallet, Parity or Remix, you can send a funding value when deploying contracts.

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