What version of geth do i need for the merge? Will my node with Vectra (v1.10.20) run smoothly after the merge without updating to the latest version?


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You will need at least Geth version 1.10.23 (Sentry Omega).


In addition to Geth (an execution layer client), you will also need to run a consensus layer client as in the announcement above, and then authenticate (connect) them as described below.

Install a consensus layer client


Assuming you are a Non-validating node operator, key action items include:

Authenticating the clients


Communication between the execution layer and consensus layer will occur using the Engine API. This is a new set of JSON RPC methods that can be used to communicate between the two client layers.

Instructions for how to set this JWT secret vary depending on the client — node operators should refer to their clients' documentation for instructions about how to generate and configure these.


here is a good writeup for the current situation: https://blog.ethereum.org/2022/08/24/mainnet-merge-announcement/

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