I read the doc: https://hardhat.org/tutorial/deploying-to-a-live-network

This is the config file:


// Go to https://www.alchemyapi.io, sign up, create
// a new App in its dashboard, and replace "KEY" with its key

// Replace this private key with your Goerli account private key
// To export your private key from Metamask, open Metamask and
// go to Account Details > Export Private Key
// Beware: NEVER put real Ether into testing accounts

module.exports = {
  solidity: "0.8.9",
  networks: {
    goerli: {
      url: `https://eth-goerli.alchemyapi.io/v2/${ALCHEMY_API_KEY}`,
      accounts: [GOERLI_PRIVATE_KEY]

So I have export the private key of my account in metamask.

I want to know, why not hardhat deploy contract by metamask which stored the account, so we do not need to export a private key? It seems Remix can deploy contract by metamask?

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Hardhat is a backend platform. Metamask lives in your browser. They are not meant to communicate like that. So you can't deploy your contract through Hardhat by utilizing private keys inside Metamask.

I would say this is mostly due to two factors:

  1. Security. Browsers are all the time exposed to the wide internet and they need lots of different security factors. Hardhat lives only in the backend and has a lot less attack surface.

  2. Integration challenges. Since hardhat is a backend tool, it would be possibly quite difficult to integrate it directly with a browser wallet.

They are simply meant for different purposes.


This can be achieved with the help of this npm library: https://www.npmjs.com/package/hardhat_metamask_client

  • The approach of the library is a little tricky due to the fact that hardhat doesn't meant to do such things.
  • That works for me. Thanks!
    – Miko
    Jan 2, 2023 at 12:48

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