I am running a teku consensus node for the ETH merge, which requires a json web token to be configured using the ee-jwt-secret-file configuration option.

To run the two successfully, I need to use the geth (or other execution layer) json web token flag as well to connect the two.

What is the correct option to use on geth to make sure the teku node can communicate with the geth node?

Is it --authrpc.jwtsecret?

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Yes, it's the --authrpc.jwtsecret flag

A full geth command ready for the merge might look like the following:

geth --authrpc.addr localhost --authrpc.port 8551 --authrpc.vhosts localhost --authrpc.jwtsecret /tmp/jwtsecret

Note, your teku node will need to look for port 8551 if using the command above.

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