I attempted to stop parity and am getting an error message:

Failed to stop io.parity.ethereum.service: Unit io.parity.ethereum.service not loaded.

Any suggestion for why this occurred? This is what I did: Once logged in as the sudo user in Ubuntu, from my home directory, I entered:

sudo systemctl stop io.parity.ethereum 

The error msg followed. Here is Parity version and install info in case it helps:

Version: Parity/v1.5.0-beta-d2e6fc0-20170119/x86_64-linux-gnu/rustc1.14.0

Also, in case it matters: I installed Parity with the bash command

curl https://get.parity.io -Lk

on Ubuntu. TIA!

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The install script does not create and run a service as far as I know. You would have to run Parity manually on Ubuntu. However, if you are certain you have a parity service, you can check the status with:

systemctl status io.parity.ethereum 

If this does not work, you can check for a running node with:

ps aux | grep -i parity

If it shows you can try to stop it cleanly with:

killall -HUP parity

And now, please update your node (using the same bash script) to 1.6.3, your version is very old.

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