In a chainlink price feed, we can get data by calling:

function latestRoundData() external view
    returns (
        uint80 roundId,
        int256 answer,
        uint256 startedAt,
        uint256 updatedAt,
        uint80 answeredInRound

With the following return values:

  • roundId: The round ID
  • answer: The answer for this round
  • startedAt: Timestamp of when the round started
  • updatedAt: Timestamp of when the round was updated
  • answeredInRound: The round ID in which the answer was computed

Would roundId ever be different from answeredInRound? What is the difference between the two?

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roundId is the "round" the answer was created in. Every time a Chainlink network updates a price feed, they add 1 to the round.

answeredInRound is a legacy variable from when the Chainlink price feeds was on the Flux Aggregator model instead of OCR (Off-Chain Reporting) and it was possible for a price to be updated slowly and leek into the next "round". This is now no longer the case.

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