I've been able to create a private networking using the command line Geth tools, so I have been trying to recreate it using the Android light client Geth.

On the command line Geth, I made sure the two nodes had the same Genesis file and network ID number. Then I used the enode string of one node to connect the second one to it.

I downloaded the .aar package from the geth.ethereum.org site. I've tried multiple versions, such as 1.5.0,1.5.9, and1.6.0`. I imported it into an Android Studio project. There is little to no documentation on the classes, so I had to guess based off other people's questions and looking at the Go source code on the Ethereum Github. I believe I am able to successfully create a Node, and initialize it with the proper networking settings, and supply it with another node's enode string. However, when I check the Android app node's list of peers, it is always empty.

How can I connect the Android light client node to another node? (could be another light client or a command line client on a computer)

Thank you!

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The light client use LES protocol. Geth(full node on computer) should add the "--lightserv value" option in the Command Line Options. and then add android client to the peers.


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