I am writing a simple script to deploy a safe, using the safe-core-sdk. I faced multiple issues that I have bee resolving but currently there is a point where I am stuck.

issue 1 CommonJS vs ES6 import/export In order to use the Web3Adapter I had to use like new Web3Adapter.default. An explanation on why can be found here

issue 2 Contract Networks mandatory for not supported networks. Since I am using a ganache testnet for my local development as described here I deployed the Multisend contract and Mastercopy (and the others) in my local tesnet.

issue 3 TypeError: this.contract.methods[methodName] is not a function After the safeFactory is created I am trying to use to deploy a Safe

const safeSdk = await safeFactory.deploySafe({

However, I get the error from above, looking through the code it reads froma methods which indeed is empty. I have deployed de contracts on my tesnet so no idea how to sort this one out.

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There is an Github issue created to fix issue 1: https://github.com/safe-global/safe-core-sdk/issues/243

After our videocall, issue2 and issue3 were fixed by specifying the correct ABIs in the contractNetworks argument. The docs have been updated to reflect this properly.

Thank you!

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