Im getting the assertion error image

the test

it("return false if enough time hasnt passed", async function(){
                await expect(raffle.enterRaffle({value: raffleEntranceFee}))
                await network.provider.send("evm_increaseTime", [interval.toNumber() - 1])
                await network.provider.request({ method: "evm_mine",params: []})
                const {upkeepNeeded} = await raffle.callStatic.checkUpkeep([])
                assert.equal(upkeepNeeded, false)

and also my test case is passing if I remove the line await network.provider.request({ method: "evm_mine",params: []}) only getting error if the line is present


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I had the same assertion error. When I checked the main Raffle.sol contract, I saw that I didn't set the s_lastTimeStamp variable in the constructor. So make sure you set the s_lastTimeStamp variable in the constructor like this: setting s_lastTimeStamp in constructor

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