I am running a private network with two geth instances one on my machine and other on an AWS server using the same Genesis file. I am also using a networkid flag to differentiate my private network.

I have successfully added the two nodes as PEERS using a static-nodes.json file - which I confirm through the admin.peers function.

Now i started mining on the remote node and mined some blocks and then stopped the miner. Now, my local geth instance starts to synchronise and just as it does, I get the following error

########## BAD BLOCK ######### Chain config: {ChainID: 0 Homestead: DAO: DAOSupport: false EIP150: EIP155: EIP158: }

Number: 1 Hash: 0xfc5d907f90c021e55b4ffceb27413992e722cbfa63cc77aed9274938a903f22d

Error: invalid merkle root (remote: 70d1206c41e2508d61a0b6e605e5d26a93b94fdf48ea6e781d410ea269bf6b44 local: 08c6e61d54f29af09d3f063157f75dbdc3121b311d471ef19523a86c80b51e09)

I have been getting this issue for a day , even when i have previously been able to synchronise some peers on a private network.

  1. Is there something wrong with the Chain config object ?
  2. I have even tried removing the chaindata folder and this issue still persists.
  • Are you using same genesis file on both nodes?
    – niksmac
    Commented Mar 21, 2017 at 15:13
  • yes, i am using the same genesis file and i have successfully added the both geth nodes as peers.
    – amitKumar
    Commented Mar 21, 2017 at 15:14


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