So im new to solidity, I just want to check the ethers transferred to the contract are less equal to the value of variable I have in a contract. It is actually checking in wei and not ethers.

require(msg.value > 0 ether, "Please contribute atleast 1 ETH.");
require(msg.value+Amount_Raised <= Amount_ToBe_Raised, "Please contribute correct amount.");

So here I want to check with the uint Amount_ToBe_Raised , but it is checking in wei and not Ether.

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1 ether is equivalent to 1e18(Wei) in solidity so you can check like this:

require(msg.value > 1 * 1e18, "Please contribute at least 1 ETH.");
  • No, actually I need something like this require(msg.value+Amount_Raised <= Amount_ToBe_Raised ether, "Please contribute correct amount."); Aug 13, 2022 at 15:12
  • Yes, in order to check in ethers just multiply it with 1e18 or if you want in gwei then 1e9. You can do it also while declaring variables. For example: uint256 public Amount_ToBe_Raised = whatever * 1e18. Aug 13, 2022 at 15:16

msg.value is always in wei, not in ethers, and there isn't floating point number in solidity, so you compare values in wei, or you compare msg.value / 1e18 with a value in ether and of course you lose the precision.

1 ether just represents 1e18.

So you can compare like this:

require(msg.value > 1 ether, "Please contribute atleast 1 ETH.");

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