I'm working on an authentication feature for my app and using wagmi for the ethersjs interactions. I have two-step authentication flow: connect wallet and SIWE. This entire process works fine with MetaMask, but when I use WalletConnect I receive an error after connecting the wallet with WalletConnect+Gnosis Safe iOS here while trying to sign a message:

      const message = new SiweMessage({
        domain: window.location.host,
        statement: 'Sign in with Ethereum to the app.',
        uri: window.location.origin,
        version: '1',
        nonce: state.nonce,

      const signature = await signMessageAsync({
        message: message.prepareMessage(),

the error is

    "code": -32000,
    "message": "Method not found"

When I try same process with Gnosis Safe Web, I see the signature popup in the app with no problem. Any ideas?

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The iOS app doesn't support signing messages at the moment

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