//SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT License
pragma solidity ^0.8.15;

import "./ERC721Creator.sol";

contract MockNFT is ERC721Creator {
    constructor() ERC721Creator("name", "symbol", msg.sender) {}

How do i wrap to make instances of this through a factory contract? I want to make a solidity factory contracts that takes just these 2 strings as arguments and mints a new NFT contract

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You have to do two things to create factory:

  1. Create Factory Contract with such function:

    function newServiceOffer(string memory text0, string memory text1) external { NewContract newContract = new NewContract(text0, text1); }

  2. Create Template Contract:

Template smart contract has to have constructor if you want to give template smart contract arguments. In this case template smart contract name has to be NewContract.

constructor(string memory _text0, string memory _text1) {
        text0 = _text0;
        text1 = _text1;

I think you just have to put few arguments inside of constructor, and then replace "name" and "symbol" with arguments given to constructor.

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