Assume calldata for my smart contract being address as bytes, and few amounts as bytes chained together.

How can I extract the bytes for address and store it in

address memory address_ =

and the amounts dynamically in

uint256 memory amount_1 =

uint256 memory amount_2 =

uint256 memory amount_3 =

I'd ideally want to convert straight to uint memory and address memory instead of just splitting them as bytes and working with bytes in the contract logic.

  • How do I split that at all to get the correct array lengths?
  • How can I make my contract know at what index to split the bytes? Let's say there's only 2 amounts... I could pass the index for splitting it, but is that good practice? Maybe a separator byte?

I've found 2 methods on ethereum.stackexchange, but I don't think they would be complete without a method to split dynamically...


    bytes4 selector;
    assembly {
        selector := calldataload(data.offset)



and I require a bit of further explanations about those methods. If you do understand them, I'll be grateful for a contribution/explanation. Thanks!


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