I'm currently learning Solidity and smart contracts and while I was trying to deploy my contract on the Rinkeby Test Network, suddenly Remix IDE does not allow me to switch the environment option to "Injected Provider - Metamask".

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I've already deployed another contract but I never experienced this problem. To clarify, I can switch to every other environment option such as "Remix VM (Berlin), "Hardhat Provider" and so on but I cannot switch to "Injected Provider - Metamask". I do not encounter any error, it simply does not switch the option when I click it. The browser that I'm using is Brave, Version 1.42.86, with Metamask extension installed.

Hope someone can help me, thank you for the attention.

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Try logging into metamask and then try to switch the environment option to "Injected Provider - Metamask".

  • Unfortunately it seems that it doesn't work... I've also tried to switch to Chrome but I've the same exact problem. Also tried to reinstall from scratch the Metamask extension multiple times but it does not work anyway.
    – Futtano
    Aug 4 at 18:03

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