1- why listening to events in truffle require another library called truffle-assertions, why can't we just use contractInstance.events.EventName() like we do in the browser?

if truffle also use web3 then why can't we have that?

2- why calling functions is also different for example:

  • calling a function that will create a transaction in the browser is like this:

    functionName(param1, param2).send({parameters})

  • whilst in truffle we dont need to use send(),and we can specify the transaction parameter as a final arugment to functionName like this :


  • calling a pure or view function in the browser:


  • in truffle : functionName(para1..paramN) // we dont use .call()

the previous functions will give the same results

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In short, truffle does some abstraction where it abstracts the complexity needed to interact with contracts and provides simple ways to call contracts, check logs, etc.

You can check more information here: https://trufflesuite.com/docs/truffle/getting-started/interacting-with-your-contracts/#introducing-abstractions

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