Calling getReserves method on a IUniswapV2Pair interface allows us to get reserves of tokens of a given pair

For example on Polygon mainnet the pair 0xC22653E89dB8B35Cf686c52444a9C78747775572 has following tokens:

  • 0x3a3Df212b7AA91Aa0402B9035b098891d276572B (FISH, decimals 18)
  • 0x8A953CfE442c5E8855cc6c61b1293FA648BAE472 (PolyDoge, decimals 18)

Reserve for FISH is 2726784790722960106 that is 2.72678479072296 and for PolyDoge is 85583380784093760935624575 that is 85583380.78409377

What is the meaning of this quantity compared to something known?

Eg measure it in chain base token, a stable coin or USD

I also like to to know the same thing about: price0CumulativeLast and price1CumulativeLast


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