I am using slither and I get the following medium severity error: performs a multiplication on the result of a division

Now this is the equation in question.

uint256 mult = (_type == 1 ? 5 : 2);
uint256 value = (((_amount / 1e18) * (getPrice() / 1e18)) / 10) * mult * 1e18;

I need some help to rewrite this equation to satisfy slither.

That equation is basically doing the following:

  • Gets the price of what they sent (getPrice is the current price of BNB and _amount is what they sent in wei)
  • Get the value of how many times it goes into $10
  • Multiply that value by a multiplier
  • Convert it back to wei
  • Gives answer on how many tokens to give to user

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Looks like this actually works and is much cleaner.

uint256 value = ((_amount * getPrice() * mult) / 10e18);

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