I have a solidity function selector:

bytes4 selector = bytes4(keccak256(bytes("rawFulfillRandomWords(uint256,uint256[])")));

(The selector here is 0x1fe543e3)

And in this function selector, as you can see, we have a dynamic array.

In vyper, I'd like to call this function, but without the dynamic array (a static array).


(The selector here is 0x4e04d708, which is wrong)

Is this possible?

  • Or better yet, is there a way to manually assign a function selector to a function? Aug 2 at 22:00

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You'd use a dynamic array.

A function that looks like:

def rawFulfillRandomWords(requestId: uint256, randomWords: DynArray[uint256, 10]):

Will have a function signature of:


Dynamic arrays are technically "dynamic" just with a max size - in this case the max size would be 10.

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