What is the encodeWithSelector (from solidity) equivalent in vyper?

For example, in solidity, if I wanted to directly the transfer function on our own contract using raw calls, I'd do:

function callTransferFunctionDirectly(address someAddress, uint256 amount)
        returns (bytes4, bool)
         bytes4 selector = bytes4(keccak256(bytes("transfer(address,uint256)")));
        (bool success, bytes memory returnData) = address(this).call(
            // getDataToCallTransfer(someAddress, amount);
            abi.encodeWithSelector(selector, someAddress, amount)
        return (bytes4(returnData), success);

How would I do this in vyper?

Yes, I'm aware we'd just call transfer since it's in it's own contract. But this is for the learning.

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You could use concat or _abi_encode for the abi.encodeWithSelector equivalence, and use the method_id function to get function selector.

The (near) equivalence of the above solidity in vyper would be:

def callTransferFunctionDirectly(someAddress: address, amount: uint256) -> (Bytes[32])
  call_data: Bytes[68] = _abi_encode(someAddress, amount,  method_id=method_id("transfer(address,uint256)"))
  response: Bytes[32] = raw_call(self, call_data, max_outsize=32)
  • method_id: Gives you the selector
  • raw_call: Is the .call equivalence
  • _abi_encode: Is sort of the abi.encodeWithSelector

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