I have a requirement of building Smart contract where BUSD is used.but after googling, i came to know about 2 BUSD address and I don't know which one is going to used in smart contract implementation(Testing Mode).

1st Contract Address - 0x78867BbEeF44f2326bF8DDd1941a4439382EF2A7

2nd Contract Address - 0xed24fc36d5ee211ea25a80239fb8c4cfd80f12ee

it's confusing and when searching online doesn't seem to find any answers.When I try to get free BUSD from faucet(https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart), 2nd contract address is used.but when i make an transcation after approving, "Insufficient Funds" error was thrown instead. If 1st contract address is genuine instead then how to get free BUSD of that address.

Solidity function i'm using

depositToken.safeTransferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), 5e18);

Where depositToken is the BUSD Address.

Insufficient Fund error: https://testnet.bscscan.com/tx/0x048f89ecf26a7cbbaa4adb359b5e884ec6d7e6c8a4cd1a8242a138b8cbb6fadd

Every time I try to deposit, error comes up on metamask:

We were not able to estimate gas. There might be an error in the contract and this transaction may fail.


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