I'm using 0x. The documentation is great, but a field depth looks missing. It's probably not implemented, but I still ask the question.

Suppose I want a very quick quotation for WETH -> USDT

I think that having calculating all routes WETH -> USDC -> USDT, WETH -> DAI -> USDT, etc are way longer than just direct routes WETH -> USDT, so I would like to express this in the api such as :


It could also reduce the error/revert rate. Is it something possible ?

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I believe what you asking is not possible as the 0x API tries always to find the best price, what is a workardound is you manually exclude the sources you don't want and just use for instance Uniswap, as you can see on the excludedSources on https://docs.0x.org/0x-api-swap/api-references/get-swap-v1-quote#request. I don't find this feasible.

Recent update on 0x API is with Mev protection so it should already offer a quote with the minimal reverts possible.

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