Hello everyone, I am attempting to filter and recreate internal transactions given a debug_traceTransaction response and the {tracer: "callTracer"} tracer. An example transaction can be found here: https://snowtrace.io/tx/0x20177106356d1d2d7c809dd870a7b68a12245c1a965ebd7a02aa987572616f44#internal

I understand that this is the Avalanche C-chain and not Ethereum, but both are EVMs and I assume that there is no significant difference. I have created a solution that filters calls given an output from the debug_traceTransaction that seemingly works fine, but I would like to confirm my findings with the community since my approach is only empirical. The filter I am applying:

  1. A call must not be at the top of the stack.
  2. A call must have a defined value associated with it.
  3. A call must have a value different from 0 associated with it.

The question

What is the minimum filter that can be applied to a debug_traceTransaction response with the {tracer: "callTracer"} tracer to uniquely identify and recreate internal transactions, such that the internal transactions recreated this way contain at least the fields from, to and value?


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