I'm trying to tackle a malicious siphon on an address whose privatekey was leaked, and the attacker's siphon keeps automatically detecting inputs, then instantly transfers out, leaving the address unusable.

In response to that, I was wondering if it's possible to pre-construct a transaction which contains 2 or 3 sub-transactions (in our case, Uniswap approvals), loading it up with Ether and keeping a transfer-out back to us as the final step in the process.

Any info would be appreciated. The structure I had in mind, all within the context of a single tx:

 0. Load up TX with ETH via value
 1. Run function on separate smart contract
 2. Run another function on separate smart contrtact based on the results of invocation 1.
 3. Transfer-out ETH back to us

Is that even possible?


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