I was trying to create a contract that has multiple rooms, in each room there would be some amount of players. Pls how do I acheive this? This is my approach but it's not working. I am unable to return the mapped array also.

contract TheGame {
    uint256 totalRoom;

    struct Room {
        address player;
        uint256 amount;
    Room[] public room;

    mapping(uint256 => Room[]) public eachRoomNumberToEachRoom;

    function createRoom(uint256 _amount) public {
            player: msg.sender,
            amount: _amount
        totalRoom += 1;
        eachRoomNumberToEachRoom[totalRoom] = room;

    function getEachRoom(uint256 _index) public view returns () {
        return eachRoomNumberToEachRoom[totalRoom][_index];

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Follow NESTED_ARRAYS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, you will valuable information.

  • I don't get most of the thing clearly tough, thanks you for sharing
    – Paulliano
    Jul 26, 2022 at 12:19

You need to specify the type of the return statement when expecting the function that returns a value, so your getEachRoom function needs to specify that it's returning a Room object that is stored in the memory. So the getEachRoom should look like this:

    function getEachRoom(uint256 _index) public view returns (Room memory) {
        return eachRoomNumberToEachRoom[totalRoom][_index];

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