I have a transaction which I sign and broadcast later.

If i try to broadcast the signed TX the sender address is incorrect.

If i recover the address from the signature it is of course the correct one but upon adding it to the TX it stops working?

        const serializedTx = ethers.utils.serializeTransaction(txData)
        console.log('SERIALIZED TX: ' + serializedTx);

        const signature = await ethereum.request({
            method: 'eth_sign',
            params: [web3.currentProvider.selectedAddress, web3.utils.sha3(serializedTx)]
        console.log('SIGNATURE: ' + signature);

        const newTxObj = ethers.utils.parseTransaction(serializedTx)
        const signedTx = ethers.utils.serializeTransaction(txData, signature)
        console.log('ETHERS SIGNED TX: ' + signedTx)

If I decode the signed TX the sender address does not match the signature address


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