I know that you can request an authorization and the transfer of ERC20 tokens from a contract user to another address with approval() and transferFrom().

But it here any equivalent to do the same for native ETH and a fixed amount of ETH ?

Thanks !

  • You can change your ether for WEth which is an ERC20 token that has the exact value of ether
    – Majd TL
    Jul 21 at 11:34
  • Thanks, so no way to directly do it with the native ETH token ? Jul 21 at 11:36
  • no, not without a smart contract
    – Majd TL
    Jul 21 at 14:07

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The question is not clear tbh but what I understood is, you are asking for a way to transfer ETH in solidity.

If that is the case then:

Yes You can easily make a funtion in your contract to send ether, specific amount of Eth by using transfer , send or call. The call is the most recommended way to transfer Eth, as it is the more specific and secure way. Check this out: https://solidity-by-example.org/sending-ether/

Hope this helps, if I misunderstood your question then pls let me know :)

  • Hi, I had a hard time to search on goole about this, so yes I may not be clear. I want to know if there is a way to initiate a transfer from a contract user's wallet to another address just like it is possible with the transferFrom function on ERC20 tokens. I don't think it is possible, the native ETH transfer functions only allow to transfer from the contract to another address if I got it well. Jul 21 at 12:06

No, unfortunately you cannot move Native ETH from an EOA to another address using a smart contract.

You can however move ETH if it is sitting on a smart contract or if the ETH is in the form of Wrapped ETH (Weth) which is a ERC20 tokenized version of ETH.

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