Code runs properly until listener tries to listen to raffle.once("WinnerPicked", async () => { }

  • It fails to resolve the try/catch block
  • It fails to call upkeep but calls vrf succesfully (transactions for 0.1 ETH registered)


Error: Timeout of 500000ms exceeded. For async tests and hooks, ensure "done()" is called; if returning a Promise, ensure it resolves.


Code Block:

          describe("fulfillRandomWords", function () {
              it("works with live Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink VRF, we get a random winner", async function () {
                  // enter the raffle
                  console.log("Setting up test...")
                  const startingTimeStamp = await raffle.getLatestTimeStamp()
                  const accounts = await ethers.getSigners()

                  console.log("Setting up Listener...")
                  await new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => {
                      // setup listener before we enter the raffle
                      // Just in case the blockchain moves REALLY fast
                      raffle.once("WinnerPicked", async () => {
                          console.log("WinnerPicked event fired!")
                          try {
                              // add our asserts here
                              const recentWinner = await raffle.getRecentWinner()
                              const raffleState = await raffle.getRaffleState()
                              const winnerEndingBalance = await accounts[0].getBalance()
                              const endingTimeStamp = await raffle.getLatestTimeStamp()

                              await expect(raffle.getPlayer(0)).to.be.reverted
                              assert.equal(recentWinner.toString(), accounts[0].address)
                              assert.equal(raffleState, 0)
                              assert(endingTimeStamp > startingTimeStamp)
                          } catch (error) {

                      // Then entering the raffle
                      console.log("Entering Raffle...")
                      const tx = await raffle.enterRaffle({ value: raffleEntranceFee })
                      await tx.wait(1)
                      console.log("Ok, time to wait...")
                      const winnerStartingBalance = await accounts[0].getBalance()
                      console.log("All Good here!!!")
                      // and this code WONT complete until our listener has finished listening!


Solutions Attempted:

| When removed alters the code and functionality & does not fix the problem in my case

(bool upkeepNeeded, ) = checkUpkeep("");
      if (!upkeepNeeded) {
          revert Raffle__UpkeepNotNeeded(

| 5 days spent researching a solution but still no success...

================================================================ Steps to reproduce:


Chainlink Solidity Course Repo: https://github.com/PatrickAlphaC/hardhat-smartcontract-lottery-fcc

  • ../test/staging/Raffle.staging.test.js


I would appreciate if someone could help me figure out how to fix the problem block or code so it runs as originally intended.

Thank you!


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