I am trying to add superfluid-finance/protocol-monorepo@[email protected] into my brownie project.


  - superfluid-finance/protocol-monorepo@[email protected]

      - '@superfluid-finance=superfluid-finance/protocol-monorepo@[email protected]'

However, since the version has '@' in it, I am getting:

ValueError: Invalid package ID. Must be given as [ORG]/[REPO]@[VERSION]

How can I add a dependency where the version has '@' in it?

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As I see in implementation of brownie, when extracting dependencies package ID, it just simply split with @ character to get the version like this:

path, version = package_id.split("@")

so if the version part of a dependency path includes @, it makes an error, and brownie can not get it from Github.

In the normal case, you can simply solve this problem by using other versions of repo that ethereum-contracts the same. But with superfluid-finance/protocol-monorepo repo it is impossible beacause all of its version after [email protected] still contain @.

If you still want to use this dependency, you can make a clone of it and set release version simply to 1.0.0. Brownie can also import dependencies with ethPM but I do not have experience with this, you can learn more about it here if you want.

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