I have an NFT in my wallet. It's contract address is 0x3cd266509d127d0eac42f4474f57d0526804b44e in Polygon mainnet. My NFT ID is 1234.

What is the easiest way to get the NFT json file (getTokenURI) based only on these two information (contract address and NFT id)?

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Pretty sure you're going to need a decompiler, and even then there is no guarantee.

how to decompile smart contract bytecode?

Lost my deployed contract code. Anyway of viewing this?

How can you decompile a smart contract?

is there a way to extract smart contract code from bytecode?


It seems to be an EIP-721 token. Since the code isn't verified one option is to use a wallet like MyEtherWallet that allows interaction with any contract given its address and the contract's ABI.

You could get the ABI from some of the other EIP-721 contracts from the etherscan page. Calling the standard methods like tokenUri shouldn't be a problem.

In that particular address 0x3cd266509d127d0eac42f4474f57d0526804b44e I got https://tokens.buildspace.so/assets/CH21b8c9cb-617a-4762-aef4-15147e15513d-25/metadata.json for tokenId 999.

If that fails you could call the other NFT standard EIP-1155.


You can go to opensea, at the token URL:


The format is https://opensea.io/assets/<NETWORK>/<CONTRACT>/<TOKEN_ID>

There, you can see the token json link. Just click it and you're done!

opensea token link

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