Here is my contract:

    constructor(string memory _name, string memory _symbol) ERC20(_name, _symbol) { }

    function giveMePaisa() public {
        _mint(msg.sender, 10 * 10 ** 18);

From Hardhat console testing ... I am able to successfully transfer my custom Tokens to test accounts:

await meraToken.connect(addr2).giveMePaisa();

But, when I try to see my custom tokens ...

await ethers.provider.getBalance(addr2.address);

I see ( which I assume are Ethers ) :

BigNumber { value: "9999999976573474278440" }

How can I see my custom tokens from Hardhat console ?


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Will fetch you the Ethereum balance of the addr2.address, what you need to do is call balanceOf on the meraToken contract with addr2.address as parameter.

await meraToken.balanceOf(addr2.address);

Hope that helps

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