So I am using hardhat-deploy plugin and I have only 2 contracts to deploy.

01 - token
02 - someActionContract

02 - someActionContract is able to mint tokens, so it requires to know the address of a token to mint. So I can find it manually after both deployed, but I want to make it during deployment. So once token is deployed, I could pass it's address to someActionContract args. Is it even possible?

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import { ethers } from "hardhat"

async function main() {
    const [deployer] = await ethers.getSigners()

    const Token = await ethers.getContractFactory("Token")
    const token = await Token.deploy()
    await token.deployed()
    console.log("Token Contract Address : ", token.address)

    const SomeActionContract = await ethers.getContractFactory("SomeActionContract")
    // Deploy some contract and pass token.address if you doing it via Constructor
    const someActionContract = await Token.deploy(token.address)
    await someActionContract.deployed()

    console.log("someActionContract Contract Address : ", someActionContract.address)

main().catch((error) => {
    process.exitCode = 1
npx hardhat run ./scripts/deploy.ts or deploy.js 

In this second deployment file, you can retrieve your deployed contract and then get the address and abi like so:

const hre = require("hardhat");

module.exports = async function({getNamedAccounts, deployments}) {
    const { deploy, log } = deployments;
    const { deployer } = await getNamedAccounts();

    const token = await hre.deployments.get('Token');
    const address = token.address;
    const abi = token.abi;
    const ARGS = [ address ];

    const someActionContract = await deploy('SomeActionContract', {
        from: deployer,
        args: ARGS,
        log: true,
module.exports.tags = ['someActionContract'];

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