Blockchain is known as a example of trustless and decentralized systems.

Some say that a decentralized system is an example of trustless systems.

What's the relationship between trustlessness and decentralized?

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The relationship between trustfulness and decentralized is in how to work a system.

You can think about banks. They have a system based on database and it has a single point of failure. Thus, a hacker can access to system and handle thousand of transaction at his will. If a system has this disavantage, is centralized. For this two reasons, a centralized system CANNOT be consider decentralized and, at the same time, trustfullness.

Blockchain technology is consider like trustfulness and decentralized for the following reasons:

  • It don't have a single point of failure but it based on nodes;
  • Each transaction is public and everyone can read it;
  • Every nodes have a copy of ledger that prevent eventually malicious transaction and give a updated version about ledger in a specific time.

Hope it helps.

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    what's the difference between trustfulness and decentralized? Do they basically mean the same thing?
    – Adel Tahir
    Jun 29, 2022 at 16:43

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